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Hopper Dryer
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Specification of Hopper Dryer

Hopper Dryer 

HOPPER DRYER machine has variation from 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 kg. 

Hopper dryer is equipped with the high-performance diffusion device for hot-air, the machine can equably disperse the hot-air. Therefore, it can keep the temperature uniformly and increase the drying efficiency.

The design of elbow bend pipe can avoid burning caused by powdered scraps which accumulate in the bottom of the heating pipe. 

The seamless heating pipe is made of SUS304 for avoiding the pollution and for a long service life. 

All the parts in the hopper of contacting the materials are made of stainless steel. Since the hopper and its bottom are separated, it is easy to clean.

Adopted the temperature controller with propotional deviation indicator, it can accurately control the temperature. 

Adopted duplicate overheating protector, the accidents caused by man-made fault or mechanical failure can be reduced. 

Customer has some options to instal on the hopper dryer according to needs such as:

1. Microcomputer controller and/or double insulating hopper for each model of hopper. 

2. Full-digital P.I.D controller and/or LED mode display. 

3. Timing auto-start/stop (0-99 hours)

4. Transparent viewport-type magnetic base. 

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